Nevada Labradors is a family-owned and operated kennel that produces multiple quality litters yearly. With 35 years of experience we have the knowledge and capability to find the perfect match for you and your home. We focus on your needs and do our best to match that with a puppy that will be the best companion and will bring you a lifetime of friendship. Our goal is to deliver well-bred, health tested Labrador Retrievers with calm dispositions and a strong drive to please. 


Nevada Labradors is proud of the quality care and love we give to every puppy we raise. Our whelping kennel is designed to allow us to care for our litters in a safe, clean, and enriching environment. We are dedicated to the belief that socialization is the key to a happy, healthy, and well-balanced puppy. Our puppy enrichment/socialization program starts at 3 days old and continues until each puppy joins their new family. We mark each puppy with a colored collar and spend hours observing and charting their behavior. This allows us to understand each puppy’s personality and traits, to assist us in placing them in the home that best fits both the family’s and the puppy’s needs. We are committed to the growth and development of our puppies until they are ready to join their forever homes at 8 weeks of age.


Nevada Labradors is about family. Our home and kennel are located on 40 acres in Northwest Reno,NV. with a beautiful view of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range and just minutes from Lake Tahoe. Our expansive property gives our dogs ample room for exercise and the ability to play, explore, or just relax and be themselves. We also enjoy hiking, lake days, and exploring our beautiful area with our dogs. Joe is an experienced dog trainer and spends hours improving our program. Keren was raised in a Labrador breeders home and fell in love with raising these amazing puppies; she has continued this tradition with her own family. Our two children are actively involved in the day to day care of our dogs and puppies. We all love spending our days working with these incredible dogs to provide our customers with the unconditional love of a Labrador Retriever.