Our Girls


Sweet, loving, eager to please and loves to be with her people.


Sweet, loyal, high energy, aims to please


Free spirit, high energy, exceptional drive and focus.


Loving, loyal, loves human attention, extremely eager to please, very huggable.


Confident, playful, adventurous, Maisy lives in a guardian home and enjoys playing and camping with her family.

Chicago - retired

Sweet, sensitive, human focused, tender hearted.

Wrigley - retired

The perfect Labrador retriever, loyal, loving, eager to please, and a great cuddler.

Amber - retired

Easygoing, loyal, sweet, Amber lives in a guardian home and is her person’s constant companion.


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Tahoe Labrador Puppies For Sale


You must contact Nevada Labradors to explore the best labrador puppies for sale around Tahoe, NV. Everyone wants to add a friendly and loving dog to the family. If you are thinking about the same, we have multiple labradors for sale. With us, you will be able to find Tahoe labrador puppies for sale with a calm and fun-loving disposition.

All of our Tahoe labrador puppies for sale are also well-bred and kept in a clean environment. Besides, we provide them with an enriching atmosphere. Our past customers had a great experience choosing Tahoe labrador puppies for sale of the following kinds.

  • Black lab puppies for sale
  • Big labrador for sale
  • Yellow labrador puppies for sale
  • Small labrador for sale

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Tahoe Labradors For Sale


Our kennel that has Tahoe labradors for sale is a family-operated and owned institution. Besides, we are known to produce multiple high-quality litters in a year, so we can be your answer to the question "who offers labradors near me.” With us, you will always find healthy Tahoe labradors for sale.

To help you get Tahoe labradors for sale that are a perfect match, we also have a structured socialization and enrichment program. It starts when the puppies are three days old and continues until their new family is ready to adopt. These are some additional types of Tahoe labradors for sale, which you can find with us.

  • English labradors
  • Trained labrador puppies
  • Finished hunting labs
  • Affordable labrador puppies

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Tahoe Labradors Near Me


You should give our kennel a chance when you are thinking about "adopting Tahoe labradors near me" because we spend hours noting the behavior of different dogs. Due to this, we can share with you the characteristics of all the labrador puppies for sale. Besides, when you consider our "Tahoe labradors near me" options, you also get to reserve your puppies in advance.

If you want to inquire further about the currently available "Tahoe labradors near me" options, you can call us today. Our team will help you make a choice and start the process of adoption immediately. We also have the stated options when you approach us for queries like "Tahoe labradors near me.”

  • Chocolate lab puppies for adoption
  • Female lab puppies sale
  • Male lab puppies for sale
  • Adopting a golden lab

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